Replacement Oil Filter for John Deere AM107423 Kawasaki - B1OF243

Sunbelt Outdoor Products

$ 6.21 

Replacement Oil Filter for John Deere AM107423 - B1OF243 

Sunbelt replacement oil filter for a John Deere AM107423 oil filter 

Replaces Kawasaki 49065-2057, Kawasaki 49065-2071, Kawasaki 49065-2078, and Tecumseh 36262 

Fits John Deere mowers: Z970A, Z960A, Z950A, Z930A, Z725A, Z840A, Z830A, Z820A, Z810A, Z465, Z445, XUV Gator, X729, X728, X724, X720, X700, X585, X575, X540, X534, X530, X520, X500, X485, X475, X465, X360, X340, X324, X320, X304, X300R, X300, TX Gator, TH Gator, TS Gator, SX75, SX95, SRX75, SRX95, RX95, RX75, RX63, RX73, LX288, LX280, LX279, LX277, LX188, LX186, LX178, LX176, LX173, LX172, LTR180, LT190, LT180, JX90, JX75, JX85, HPX Gator, HD45, HD75, GX70, GX75, GX95, GX345, GX335, GX325, GX255, GT275, GT262, GT245, GT242, GT235, GS25, GS30, GS45, GS75, Gator, F911, F725, F710, F525, F510, AMT622, AMT626, 825i Gator, 7H17, 7H19, 797, 777, 757, 75, 737, 727, 717, 6x4 Gator, 625i Gator, 620i Gator, 4x2 Gator, 345, 335, 325, 320, 285, 265, 260, 245, 240, 185, 180, 175, 170, 165, 160, and 130 

9-12 PSI anti-drain 

3/4"-16 thread 

2-11/16" OD x 2-7/8" H 

Sunbelt Part Number: B1OF243 

This is an aftermarket filter, NOT OEM

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