Honda Regulator Rectifier Assembly (20A) - 31620-ZG5-033,1


$ 106.06 


Honda Regulator Rectifier Assembly (20A) - 31620-ZG5-033,1

Height (in): 1.97
Length (in): 5.67
Width (in): 5.00

Fits the following General Purpose Engine Models: GCV520U, GCV530, GX240K1, GX240UT1, GX240UT2, GX270, GX270U, GX270UT, GX270UT2, GX340K1, GX340U1, GX340UT1, GX340UT2, GX390K1, GX390RT2, GX390U1, GX390UT1, GX390UT2, GX610, GX610K1, GX610R1, GX610U1, GX620, GX620K1, GX620R1, GX620U1, GX640, GX670, GX670R, GX670U, GXV520U, GXV530, GXV530R, GXV530U, GXV610, GXV610K1, GXV610R1, GXV610U1, GXV620, GXV620K1, GXV620R1, GXV620U1, GXV670, GXV670R, GXV670U

Fits the following Lawn Tractor Models: HA4118, HA4120

This is an aftermarket product, not an OEM.
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